Monday, August 30, 2010

Hidden Paris by Ami Sioux

The photographer AMI SIOUX asked some friends to draw a map of the favorites spot in Paris, which she would then photograph for a book called , PARIS 48°50N 2°23E . The propose is to discover people's personal corners of Paris, the spots off the beaten track that you return to again and again. The Paris book is one of a series in which residents draw maps. Ami first had the idea while living in Berlin ten years ago, where people would draw maps to their houses as the city was changing so quickly. The first edition wasReykjavik 64°08N 21°254W. The photos include a selection of the original maps, along with outtakes of the photos printed in the books. The Paris book is currently out of print, and will be published in a second edition. The project will continue with Tokyo, New York, and Berlin, with a publisher to be determined.

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