Friday, July 30, 2010

DSM Label Printed Shirts by Yves Andrieux

Dover Street Market’s own label has just released a series of shirt designed with young French graphic designer, Yves Andrieux, for their Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection.

YSL - Spring/Summer 2011 Collection Sneakers - Preview

Creative Director Stefano Pilati's new sneaker collection for men. Built around two new models, the collection is urban, classic with edge and utterly contemporary.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Keds – “Call Of Duty” Champions Collection

Dipping into archives of the world, Keds has been releasing a collection of shoes per month based on each decade of the 20th century. The project, “20 Century Decade” limited edition collections have finally reached the 1940s. This limited edition “Call of Duty” collection draws inspiration from the military with khaki and camouflage. Paired with raw hide laces and leather binding, the collection may retain the simple slip-on silhouette of the Champion, but are absolutely bold and brave.

Close Up and Private “Paintings” Editorial for Summer 2010

Sergey Nielsen, of “Close Up and Private” takes his seasonal photo editorial series to new places with an “Art Project” series. Debuting for the Summer 2010, Nielsen’s paintings imagine the looks of this Summer through brush and canvas.

Dice Bow Ties by Brooklyn artist Mr Talented

Ty Shaw (Mr. Talented) is the creator of the Mr. Talented Bow Tie. The interesting fact is that he designs his own ties using only Dices and he donates half of the proceeds to children in Haiti. To explain the meaning behind the Bow-Ties Mr. Talented simply states that “Life is such a gamble, but everyone is addicted to living.”
If you’re interested in purchasing the Bow Ties, simply log on to for more information.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Prada Fall Winter 2010 Fantasy Lookbook

Prada Fall 2010 Lookbook is a nice amalgamation of real life photography, images of models and clothing with illustration art. It is very artistic, different and colorful lookbook.
Photographed by Phil Meech, It takes onlooker to a fantasy ride. Prada Winter 2010 lookbook produced and directed by OMA (Alexander Reichert & Fausto Fantinuoli) which emphasizes on emotion, feeling and atmosphere that collection provides, putting the pieces from the line in abstract, surreal worlds. Images take one from runway to streets in retro style artwork.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Moncler V – Fall/Winter 2010 – Lookbook

As American designer Thom Browne steered Moncler Gamme Bleu towards more of a focus on contemporary sportswear, Hiroki Nagamura of Visvim is guiding Moncler V towards another realm, a visit to the Franco-Italian label’s past. The sophomore collection for Moncler V brings an odd familiarity in both visual aspects and details as Nagamura poured over the archive of Moncler’s past creations. Against a faux Alps backrop, the new collection invokes a scene of mountaineering of yesteryears, with its mostly primary colorways, gaiters, over-socks, and hiking boots.

24K Gold Bespoke IPhone 4

The UK luxury bespoke gadget maker, Stuart Hughes, have rendered the new iPhone 4 in 24ct gold. Also, if you are interested, there is also a diamond encrusted version.

Adidas Originals A.039 Fall/Winter 2010 Look Book

Since its inception a few seasons ago, Adidas Originals A.039 collection has been winning fans from different walks of style over with an outfit driven casual simplicity fit for the urban life. For those who are in the know, A.039 is the internal code used within adidas for adidas Originals blue. But that gives rise to one question, not everything is that blue. Rather than thinking about a collection built around the color, A.039 seems to be built around the spirit of adidas Originals, but for those who have been there since the beginning, it is not difficult to see that A.039 is a more mature sibling with a measured sense of fun and humor. For Fall/Winter 2010, A.039 returns with some signature designs and motifs– stripes, volume, asymmetrical shapes, contemporary sports casual. If anything, A.039 seems like a bridge between adidas SLVR and adidas Originals, but of course, leaning more towards the Originals side.

Some classic menswear pieces such as a hooded toggle coat and striped button down have made their way into the upcoming collection to create a collegiate look. Slim sweat pants are paired with a graphic v-neck sweater, layered over a button down shirt and under a school-boy toggle coat, giving the preppy look an urban, sporty twist. For the ladies, comfortable volumes are executed wearably in striped knits and tees with bubble hemmed bottoms.

With the longevity of Adidas Originals blue, the A.039 collection operates outside the driving forces of ephemeral trends, and updates the Originals spirit with a timely twist.