Monday, August 23, 2010

Craig Crutchfield - Polaroid Negs

These super interesting images are the work of Craig Crutchfield, a designer at McGarrah Jesse.

"These images are made up from the part of the Polaroid film that people usually throw away. This is an interesting thing to me, because these images are filled with old, cool, decaying icons from places that have been (for the most part) thrown away. Not all of these images are from defunct business or places. A lot of them are still in use. But they all have a rarity and shelf life that seems to bee ending. That is why I shoot this type of sig nage. It will all be torn down and turned into a big box retail store soon. I hate that."

Each piece is incredibly layered and textural on its own, and the entire set you can see on Flickr.

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