Sunday, April 4, 2010

Swatch Artist Collection

Swatch and contemporary artists build a playground for the future.

The Swatch Artist Collection adds a new chapter to the story of Swatch and art. Like many great relationships, this one began in Paris, where the first Art Special was launched at the Pompidou Centre in 1985.

CreArt Collection is writing a new chapter in this tradition: the four Artist Billy The Artist, Ted Scapa, Matthew Langille and GREMS have together created a total of twelve new works for "the world's smallest canvas"

To launch the new Swatch Art Collection creative studio Thank You was commissioned to create a campaign that supported all of the new unique styles and designs with a unifying concept. Visually they created the “Art Machine” that is a hyper active machine that manufactures and creates the art and watches.

Special thanks to S.

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