Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tracey Thorn new album: LOVE AND ITS OPPOSITE

Tracey Thorn's third solo album, Love & Its Opposite, is out May 17, and capitalises on the critical acclaim of her 2007 release, Out Of The Woods, a mixture of hard-edged dance music and folk fare which bridged the gap between the acoustic and the electric.
Love & Its Opposite finds Tracey and producer Ewan Pearson stripping things back to more organic essentials, embracing a retro sound that references the type of music she would have grown up listening to. Thorn is in pensive mood for much of the album, which is as much about her own experiences as a forty-something trying to make sense of her life as it is about the relationships of others, resulting in a mature and often cynically humorous set of songs that’s sure to be embraced by her stalwart fans.
Listen her new single:
'Why Does The Wind?' (Ewan Pearson Radio Edit) by buzzinfly
Tracey Thorn 'Why Does The Wind?' (Ewan Pearson Radio Edit) by buzzinfly

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