Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Artist Uses LEGO Blocks to Rebuild New York City

The colorful toys are being used as real-life building blocks.Artist Jan Vormann took a team of volunteers across Brooklyn and Manhattan as part of the VOLTA artshow to fill in the blanks with the building blocks of our childhood.
All the Legos used in the project were donated from the Lego Graffiti Styles Convention in Munich. Vormann trolled New York for missing bricks, crumbling facades and plaster cracks and filled them in with the colorful blocks. The result was a striking reminder of how worn down so many New York City buildings are. With limited resources to fix the buildings facades the cracks and dents become a part of the city scene.
The team of volunteers that Vormann gathered ranged from ages 3 to 40 and helped him plant Lego surprises everywhere from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park. Vormann’s New York adventure is part of a larger artistic endeavor called Dispatchwork. He’s been to ten cities around the world filling in the cracks with colorful Lego creations. This modern art project is a great exploration of unconventional function.

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