Friday, May 21, 2010

Les Bijoux de Sophie x Lacoste

The new collaboration between Les Bijoux de Sophie and Lacoste for the 2010 Roland Garros pays a gentle and playful homage to the famous Lacoste polo shirt. Four generations ago, this symbolic polo shirt became part of the world of the Modern Man world and environnement, has since become a strong emblem for an elegant and sporty lifestyle. In 1933 the polo shirt in piqué jersey made an impact on the history of apparel after René Lacoste, who had been nicknamed “The Crocodile” by the American press, decided that the 12th prototype of his short-sleeved polo shirt was satisfactory. From then on, it carried the code, L.12.12: 1 designated the material, cotton petit piqué jersey, 2 was for the short sleeved model and the second 12 was a reminder of his legendary high standards. Sophie Lévy, the Designer of Les Bijoux de Sophie has taken the essentials of this story: the Polo Shirt, the Crocodile and the Reference L.12.12, to which she has added the veiled reference of a whistle and a very obvious colour code, Blue, White and Red! In an elegant summary, she shows that these items, the roots of this legend, are the symbols of the eternal youth which we talk about so often…… For the Evian Masters 2010, the collaboration between Les Bijoux de Sophie and Lacoste will continue, in pink with an XXL crocodile. This crocodile, which wins you over at first sight, is a jewel handbag, which will undoubtedly become the new pet. Tucked under the arm of lady golfers, or attached to the wrist by a pretty silvery curb chain like a minilead, this pink crocodile will go from sun-soaked greens to champagne soirées with all our "happy few"! With her “Haute Fantaisie” Sophie Lévy has had fun using the symbols of the crocodile brand and offers us a vision which is still as fresh and elegant as ever.

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