Monday, March 21, 2011

Cielito Querido Café, Mexico

Ignacio Cadena and Hector Esrawe have designed a Latin-American eatery inspired by popular Mexican music.

The Cielito Querido Café's name was inspired by the song Cielito Lindo, which was written in 1882 by the Mexican composer Quirino Mendoza y Cortéz. The song contains the phrase ‘México lindo y querido’, which translates to ‘cherished and beautiful Mexico’ – words that remained central the project.

Many different elements fill the space, reflecting different slices of history and nostalgia. The colour scheme, the symbolism and the illustrated graphics all play a part in conjuring up specific periods of time for the visitors. A vintage graphic language is adopted through a combination of Latin-American signage and old product labels. The desired result is a space that feels both very local, yet universal in appeal.

Inspirado pela música mexicana Cielito Lindo, de 1882, o Cielito Querido Café tem um visual retrô moderno. O projeto de Ignacio Cadena e Hector Esrawe utiliza diferentes elementos misturados, com a intenção de transmitir um pouco da história do México através das paredes e dos móveis. Uma linguagem tipográfica inspirada em antigos rótulos e embalagens deixa o café mais charmoso.

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