Saturday, July 10, 2010

WAD Magazine x Marithé +François Girbaud “WEARACAR”

The project involving WAD and Renault based on the new incoming roadster, the WIND contine on with this initiative with the WAD team-up with fellow French label Marithé +François Girbaud to produce the “WEARACAR” cover to wrap up the Renault WIND. The result is a denim-inspired cover customized with Wattwash™, a revolutionary laser treatment. The cover once unraveled, reveals itself as a massive 20 m2 paddock jacket that follows every car curve accurately to the finest detail. Some specifics include 40 meters of 20 oz denim courtesy of ISKO, 60 meters of tartan, over 200 meters of ribbon and a total of 2 weeks worth of cutting and production. The WEARACAR cover was unveiled at Bread & Butter Berlin this week.

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