Friday, July 2, 2010

Levi’s Workshops San Francisco

Beginning this July, the Levi’s brand will equip a new generation of pioneers and celebrate creative communities across the country by launching the Levi’s Workshops. The first Workshop will debut in San Francisco, followed by a second expression of the program in New York this Fall. Each Workshop is designed to focus on a specific craft – the first two being printmaking and photography respectively. The Levi’s Workshops will be multi-use spaces, featuring a functional craft-centric Workshop, community event space and retail storefront. The Levi’s Workshops will serve as community-based extensions of Forth campaign, paying homage to the principles of hard work and civic engagement. Central to the program will be collaborations with recognized pioneers from each community. For eight weeks, each workshop will invite the general public to participate in interactive demonstrations, educational programming and events.
The first of these locations will open to the public in San Francisco’s Mission, down the street from one of Levi’s original factories. The Workshop will feature letterpress, silkscreen and photocopy equipment for local artists and designers to create their own print-based artwork. Community groups and non-profit organizations will also be invited to access these resources and work with the Workshop staff. The space will also offer Levi’s denim and workwear product that embodies the spirit and craft of print design.

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