Monday, September 27, 2010

Peanuts 60 Years World Tour – A Closer Look

Peanuts 60 Years World Tour will launch at Dover Street Market today for a limited time only. The exclusive products are created by Peanuts-loving designers and artists around the world and will be displayed in a designed installation. The full collection includes collaborations with MEDICOM TOY, Hysteric Glamour, Converse, Loopwheeler, Lacoste, Arts & Science, Aprosio & Co., Baccarat, Joujou, Longchamp, Lucian Pellat-Finet, mastermind JAPAN, N. Hoolywood and Original Fake. For the first time, transcending the existing rules, characters in original drawings were reworked, thereby enabling the creation of products marked by a high degree of originality that had never been actualized previously.

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